Help and Advice for moving out of your home.


Q. How much notice do I need to give to end my lease? 


A.  Notice needs to be served in accordance with your lease agreement, we can accept notice by post at one of our Branches, or by emailing please ensure all tenants agree to notice and the property address is referenced.


Q. My flatmate wants to leave but I want to stay, what are my options?

A.  You have all signed the lease binding you to a joint and severally liable agreement, therefore all tenants must be in agreement to the arrangement of one tenant moving out and another remaining.  We would advise you to contact our tenancy administration team for further advice, please call 0131 525 6637.


Q. How do I get my deposit back?

A.  Once the final inspection has been carried out, the property manager will advise you of their findings, agreeing deductions, if any are applicable.  We would contact the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and arrange for the necessary refund to take place, you then have the opportunity to log on and either agree or dispute the amount.  Both landlord and tenant can log on at any point after the lease end to start the refund process.  You will need to have your URN/DAN or DPC number, if you do not hold a note of this please contact the Tenancy Deposit Scheme who will assist you.  You can then log on to the scheme and start the process.


Q. How long does it take to get my deposit refunded and what if I want to dispute it?

A. Once the process has begun, each party has 30 working days to respond.  If both parties agree to the amount, the scheme will refund within 5 working days of that decision.  If there is a dispute, the undisputed amount is refunded within the 5 working days and the disputed amount goes through the adjudication process, this can take a further 14 working days.


Q. Who do I tell I’m moving?

A.  A lot of people!  This list isn’t exclusive but it’ll get you started…

•         Your utility providers for gas and electricity

•         Local authority for council tax and electoral register

•         Your phone, internet and mobile phone providers

•         TV Licensing – update your license to reflect your new address to ensure you’re covered

•         Your neighbours – they might miss you, or be holding a package for you!

•         Friends and family – don’t miss out on those greetings cards

•         Banks, building societies, pension providers, investment companies, loan providers

•         Credit Card and Store Card providers

•         Inland Revenue

•         Magazine & Charity Subscriptions

•         GP, Dentist, Healthcare Insurance Providers

•         If you are undergoing any hospital treatment make sure they have the right contact details for arranging appointments

•         Your Employer for payslips – it’s a good time to update your emergency contact details too

•         Schools, Nurseries, Colleges, Universities

•         Insurance Providers

•         DVLA

•         Don’t forget to update the delivery address held for you by grocery delivery companies, Amazon, Ebay, Paypal and others.


Q. How do I know what my final rent payment will be?

A. We provide you with this information in our vacating paperwork, if this has been misplaced we can provide you a copy, please email or call us on 0131 525 6637.


Q. What happens if I overpay my last month’s rent?

A. It is your responsibility to change the final standing order value with your bank, if you forget to do this then there is a small administration fee £5 + Vat  for us to process this overpayment . Please email with your request and include your bank account details on this.  Once processed it takes approximately 3 working days for the bacs payment to reach you.